Masters of Self-Taping Courses

Our Core Acting Courses

What's at the center of our teaching? After these 3 courses, you will have all of the tools to make lasting impressions through your self-taped auditions.

Master Your Setup

Make the MOST out of your camera, lights, sound, background, eyelines, color balancing, and more... in any space, on any budget. $150

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Master Your Audition

When you master this course, you'll be loaded with tools to make sure your training is translating exactly how you want it to. $150

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Overhaul Your Script Analysis

You feel stuck. In your head. Your script analysis turns into homework and you find that the text feels like "memorization" rather than exploration. Let's fix that. $150

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Additional Acting Courses

Looking for a specific skillset? Think of these as "booster sets." They will take the tools you learned from the 3 core courses and level you up where you want to be leveled up.

Master Your Commercial

Master your setup, physical awareness, and imagination to nail your self-tape and virtual commercials! $100

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Get Out Of Your Head

You don't feel comfortable having the scene living fully in your body. You're not sure if you're using your full environment. Let's fix that. $100

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Go Bold

You find yourself making safe choices. You're not sure just how full your choices can be or if your training is translating as powerfully as you feel it. Let's fix that. $100

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Tap Into Your Honesty

Full disclosure -- vulnerability cannot be TAUGHT. But, with this course, you'll land in a place where you can recognize it and open up that pathway much more easily. $100

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So You're A Reader...

Maybe you're the parent or the "non-actor" partner of an actor and you feel like you aren't supporting your actor. Let's make it efficient and drama-free. Pay What You Like

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How to Build an Actor Website

A Step-by-step guide including tutorials, templates, strategies, examples, and more for building your custom actor website. $150

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Monthly Membership Subscription

You get access to all courses (including future updates), community meetings, discounted private coaching with Jordandownloads and guides, a homework forum, exclusive access to our Membership Area, and more.

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MOST + Private Coaching

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Working on MOST plus coaching is the ultimate combo. Masters of Self-Taping members save up to 15% on Private Coaching with Jordan and benefit from an extended availability.

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