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Masters of Self-Taping

Strategies for the modern actor.


With Jordan Woods-Robinson's techniques, you're sure to make lasting impacts and be true to you.

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Hey, I'm Jordan. I've spent the last 8 years running a successful self-tape studio and these are the tools I've learned along the way.


More About Me

Advanced Technique for 


No matter your journey, Jordan has a new perspective to offer.

Tech Guidance

Build the perfect setup for your budget, space, and goals

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Advanced Technique

Years of NYU training, on-set experience, and audition technique... all in here

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Tools and community to help you navigate that essential work/life balance

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Don't have the formula cracked yet?  

Let us help translate your tools so you can get back to being creative.  

What can you expect from MOST?

MOST is all about deepening your training, creating your environment, and solidifying the technical elements so you can get back to doing what you do best.


Jordan and the group meet 2x/week. Your growth and creative longevity is directly linked to your support system. We are a group of working actors challenging, nurturing, and supporting each other. 


Jordan's personal approach is filled with theatrical tools from NYU, practical knowledge from being on dozens of sets, and his own blend of translating core tenets of acting in new ways.



Watch and interact on your computer or smart phone, from anywhere.

(Pro Tip: a lot of people use MOST videos right before an audition or when on set.)



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Our weekly meeting of the minds connects like-minded actors all over the world to discuss challenges, successes, insights, troubleshooting, strategies, and more.




Our smart phone app means you can interact with the course on your computer or phone, picking up right where you left off.




With over 80 lessons covering self-tape setup, audition technique, advanced acting tools, actor mindset, and more... you'll be ready to tackle anything.



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Get an all-access pass to our entire library of courses, our gamified community with self-tape feedback and weekly meetups, and much more.  

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AJ Antrim

"Coaching with Jordan is nothing short of amazing, he continuously gets the best performances out of me!"

Caroline Anna-Kaye Green

"MOST has taken not only my self tapes, but also my career to the next level!"

Aodhan Lane

"I love watching the MOST videos with my mom and learning about setting up my self-taping area."

Tammy Mattox

"I have so much clarity with a deeper understanding of the scene after private coaching with Jordan."

Amanda Kiener

"Being in this community has advanced my industry knowledge and confidence in myself by years."

TJ Harris

"MOST has completely changed my audition technique and directly led to my first SAG-AFTRA booking."

Advanced Audition Coaching, On Demand 


Whether you're just starting to find your voice as an actor or you're an industry pro looking to translate your tools in a new way, Masters of Self-Taping is about honing your audition tools to give you as much creative control as possible.

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