Hey, I'm Jordan Woods-Robinson.


Story time. I'm an actor, first and foremost. Everything I teach comes from experience - NYU, Blue Man, various sets, etc... 

Within MOST, I'm not sharing the same old phrases and techniques you've heard a thousand times before. I'm sharing my personal interpretations of acting and auditioning. It's impulsive, it's full-body, it's risky, oftentimes rebellious, and it's impactful.

Do I book every role I go out for? Hell no. But when I do book something I know it's because I was the one who needed to tell that story.

I don't believe in telling you what to do. I do believe in arming you with all of the tools to tell the story the way you have to tell it.

 That is why I'm here and that's what you'll find inside MOST.

 About Jordan 


Jordan is an Award-Winning Actor, Musician, and Coach.

As an actor, Jordan is best known for The Walking Dead, Homeland, Nashville, and as a member of the prestigious Blue Man Group. With a BFA with Honors from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, Jordan's physically-based theatrical training has to led to chameleon-like Film and TV roles opposite Anthony Hopkins, Colin Farrell, Clare Danes, Donald Sutherland, Andrew Lincoln, Connie Britton, Octavia Spencer, Michelle Dockery, Colin O'Donoghue, and more. (All of which were cast from the Book From Tape studios.)

As an Acting Coach, Jordan translates his theatrical training for Film and TV actors, empowering them to get into their bodies and out of their heads. He trains his actors to harness impulse as a tool, to trust their guts, to work on their feet, to break rules, and, overall, to make bold choices that make a lasting impression through tape. Actors who work with Jordan are taught techniques by Jerzy Grotowski, Laban, Viewpoints, Harold Guskin, and others from his personal Actor's Tool Box. 

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